Company culture impact on employee decisions

A few weeks ago we had a very interesting meeting with Easyjets Training Manager Ash Beardmore who works on sustainability and innovation within the company. 
We talked a lot about our sustainability work, our unique set up here in Skellefteå and how we can learn from each other to become even better and find more sustainable solutions in the aviation industry.

It’s impressive to hear how such a large organization as Easyjet, which is Europe’s second largest airline (with 3500 flights per day!) is working on sustainability. Not unexpectedly, it’s based on clear goals with small and big activities to get there. 
But in the end, you need more than planning to achieve results.

What impresses me about what Ash told me is not the actual activities they do but the attitude and pride around it. That they focus on attitudes and company culture and where sustainability is not just “something you should do” but that they actually want to improve, for real, something they are proud of.

For me, as an operations manager for a smaller company, it’s amazing to hear that large organisations see the value in corporate culture and that it’s a tool to get staff pulling in the same direction. In this case, it’s about sustainability, where every single person’s choice makes a difference. Where information and training on how to fly and taxi more fuel efficiently contributes to each individual’s pilot choosing the right way. And the belief that people will actually choose to do their best and make the right decisions, as long as they have the information they need.

It's a philosophy I like.

Sustainability, like any other subject about change, is about each person’s choices making a difference. Companies are ultimately just a collection of people making decisions, big and small. And in the end, it’s about us painting the picture together, with every brushstroke we make, small businesses to large organisations, decisions big and small. But above all, people, whatever the context – making the difference with their choices. Every day.

/Cecilia Holmlund, Operations Manager

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