New aeroplane!

GFA has ordered two brand new Tecnam P2010 TDI and has an option for three more for 2024. The P2010 TDI is a modern, high-wing, fuel-efficient aircraft equipped with Continental CD170 (170 hp) and Garmin G1000Nxi with integrated autopilot GFC700. The P2010 TDI has the longest range and lowest fuel consumption of the entire Tecnam fleet.
With a consumption of only 5.2 US Gal per hour (less than 20 litres), this is one of the most fuel-efficient and sustainable options on the market.The aircraft features state-of-the-art technology, where Tecnam’s ability to handle both metal and composite technologies has shaped a unique solution in terms of efficiency, load-bearing structure and unique Italian style. 

One of the most fuel-efficient options on the market

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