eVTOL - passanger drones

Last week our Head Of Training Johan Norberg was part of a panel together with Skellefteå Airport CEO Robert Lindberg and Skellefteå Municipality’s Planning Director Lars Hedqvist to discuss the future challenges and visions of electric aviation and eVtol transport in this region. This panel discussion was the end seminar for the ELIS project.

The seminar included a presentation of the feasibility study on the role of drones in future logistics and the potential it has in Skellefteå. 

In the study, Electromagnetic interference has also been investigated by Professor Jonny Johansson from Luleå tekniska universitet using measurement from our electric aircraft.

The introduction of eVTOL require a new type of pilot with new demands for training. This is an interesting development that we are closely following.

Read more about the ELIS program here.

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