Our mission

We love aviation. And we love to fly. Because we strongly believe that people need to travel to meet each other face to face and to meet new people and new cultures. This is a basic need for us humans to understand each other and the planet that we all share. But to be able to continue doing this in the future then flying needs to have as low environmental footprint as possible. This is an evolution that Green Flight Academy want to be part of. 

Our vision

The World’s Most Sustainable Flight Academy.

Our values

Our lead word is Consideration. Concideration for the future and with respect for the changes that need to be made to reduce emissions during flight training. Our concern also extends to the student. We want our students to feel safe with us and have a comfortable and orderly stay in Skellefteå. Therefore, we attach great importance to having everything arranged for the student before they come to Skellefteå, from arranged accommodation to a solid onbarding program.

The company

Green Flight Academy AB (GFA) was established 2021 as a result of the region’s major investment in growth in northern Sweden and the clear position of one of Europes center for green conversion. Our key staff and advisors has extensive experience from different position in the aviation industry and that combined with owners that are known to not only build companies, they build educate entrepreneurs and leaders.

Green Flight Academy aim to build a new type of flight academy that focus on the mission to educate safe and skilled pilots in a sustainable way. The company has made major investments in new aircraft with the latest technology and aims to reduce emissions during flight training by using zero-emission electric aircraft in its training. 

Green Flight Academy conduct flight training with a modern aircraft fleet from Skellefteå Airport, which is one of the world’s first fossil-free airports.The head office is located in Skellefteå, Sweden.

The majority owner is the corporate group NPB Invest AB with a yearly turnover of 50 million Euro, whereof a net profit of 4 million Euro. Behind the sustainable flight academy and the corporate group NPB Invest is the renowned Swedish entrepreneur and businessman Petter Mikaelsson.

The academy is an EASA approved organisation (ATO.SE.0036) and are starting up the first ATPL class in august 2022.

The organisation

Green Flight Academy is headed by two passionate leaders with vast knowledge from its respective areas:

Johan Norberg

Olov Hultdin

Read more about our staff HERE

Johan Norberg – Head of training, Petter Mikaelsson – founder and Olov Hultdin – Accountable Manager

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