ATPL programme



1. Fill out the application form

2. After we have reviewed your application, we will send you a pilot aptitude test

3. After completing the Pilot Aptitude Test we will schedule you with a video interview with representatives from the academy

4. If you are accepted to the academy, we will send you a training agreement

5. After signing the training agreement the last step is to pay the registration fee

Our application process is free of charge, but please note that incomplete applications will not be considered

Entry Requirements

No previous flight experience is required for applying to this course, but you need to fulfill the following

  • Being at least 18 years of age when the course starts
  • To be able to obtain English language proficiency at minimum ICAO level 5
  • Mathematics and physics at high school level or equivalent
  • Hold a high school diploma 
  • Must be able to obtain an EASA Medical Class 1
  • Be able to finance your education during 20 months

Read more about the programme, costs and other frequently asked questions at our FAQ


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Soon you'll be

Ready for take off

We are pleased that you have applied for our pilot training. We will contact you with more info about the qualification test.

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