ATPL Theory distance

Do the ATPL theory at your convenience. This is a distance learning course with English-speaking teacher support through Teams and email.

Distance ATPL(A) Theory

You study the course remotely with a total of 53 hours of instructor-led hours through Microsoft Teams. A total of three trips to our premises is required for exam preparation, school tests and CAA exams. The entire course is completed in 9 months, assuming 20 hours per week of studying. You will have access to teachers through email and Microsoft Teams during the entire course.

Upon completion of your ATPL theory we have favourable package deals for CPL/ME/IR as well as A-UPRT and APS-MCC.

  • Valid ICAO PPL
  • English Language proficiency lowest ICAO level 4
  • Basic knowledge in maths and physics
  • Be at least 18 years old

29 April 2024 
10 June 2024
12 August 2024
23 September 2024

Course price

EUR 3995 
Introduction offer EUR 2995
Applies to the first 10 seats.

Prices including PadPilot and AviationExam.

Costs for CAA fees and exam are not included.

Theoretical knowledge:

  • Air law (ALW)
  • Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK)
  • Flight Performance and Planning (FPL)
  • Human Performance and Limitations (HPL)
  • Meteorology (MET)
  • Navigation (NAV)
  • Operational Procedures (OPS)
  • Principles of Flight (POF)
  • Communications (COM)
  • Area 100 KSA

On distance

A total of 3 trips to Skellefteå are required for the CAA exam and the KSA100 course.

Introduction Offer

EUR 2 995

 Inc. all necessary study materials & teacher led classes

Add on courses


Commercial Pilot License with Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating


Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training


Airline Pilot Standards Multi-Crew Cooperation

ATPL Theory Distance

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