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Flight and Theory Instructor FI(A)

Spontaneous application

You will coach and instruct the school’s students in both theory and flight training according to the school’s manuals. The position also includes training administration, development of training material and continuous improvement work with a focus on quality and training efficiency.

Your personal qualities and your attitude are of great importance to us. Some of the qualities we value are high work capacity, a good sense of order, self-organization, a sense of service and the ability to cooperate with different types of people. Your professional qualifications should include service as a flight instructor or theory instructor at a flight school training for commercial licenses. 

Possibility of weekly commuting is available. Accommodation in Skellefteå can be arranged.

Skellefteå Airport is located 1 hour from Stockholm Arlanda and has several departures per day.

Place of employment is Skellefteå.

We offer

At Green Flight Academy you have a flexible schedule where you can affect your own work schedule. You are involved in running the company together with the management team. You will have an office space in our newly renovated premises on campus in central Skellefteå. 

In Skellefteå, you are close to everything that Swedish Lapland has to offer. We have bright summers with proximity to nature and many variations of winter activities during our snowy months. There is a rich culture life with many restaurants and events. We see the balance between work and leisure time as crucial for our employees’ well-being and satisfaction.


Experience from teaching theory and flight training for commercial licenses. 

It is an advantage to also have managerial experience from the aviation industry. 

For the right applicant we will provide training for additional instructor ratings. 


Green Flight Academy is the world’s first flight school with a sustainability focus. We are world leading in sustainable flight training and has the world’ only traning programme for commercial pilots with electric aircraft in its basic traning. We get a lot of attention from international as well as national media, politicians and other organisations within sustainable transition.

We cooperate with industry leading organisations within green transition in aviation where we are part of several development projects within electrification and use of hydrogen in aviation.

Green Flight Academy are a part of the company group “No Plan B” which is a local investment company that has succesfully started and managed a range of companies for over 20 years. No Plan B success depends on a company culture that focuses on entrepreneurship, long term goals and leadership.