Programme & courses

ATPL integrated

EASA CPL/ME/IR license

Our integrated programme is the first in the world to have flight hours on fully electric airplanes. The program is a high-quality and more sustainable way to achieve your dream of becoming a commercial pilot, ready to fly for the airlines. You will graduate with a EASA CPL/ME/IR license with ATPL theory and MCC.

ATPL modular

EASA CPL/ME/IR license

This 20-month non-stop training programme trains the pilot to the level of proficiency required to operate as a first officer on multi-pilot aeroplanes in commercial air transport and to obtain an EASA CPL/ME/IR license with ATPL theory and MCC.

ATPL Theory

ATPL Theory in classroom

Our ATPL Theory is full time in classroom with qualified instructors ready to help you with the hard studies. After completing the course, you have the opportunity to build on your education with the final commercial certificates CPL/ME/IR and MCC course. 

PPL Private Pilot License

Swedish quality PPL program

A certificate for those who want to fly for private purposes (non-commercial) with a single engine aeroplane. In our PPL course you will fly fully electric aeroplane Pipistrel Velis Electro and brand new and fuel efficient Piper Archer DX. We offer both distance PPL theory and PPL in classroom.

FI Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor program

For those who are already a pilot and want to become a flight instructor. After the course, you will be able teach basic flight training to pilot students. We also offer differential training on the electric aircraft Pipstrel Velis Electro. 

Time building

Fulfill your hours

We offer Time Building packages to ensure pilot students build required hours expeditiously with iconic views and sustainability in focus.

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