Study in Skellefteå

A perfect mix of city life, waterfront landscapes and wilderness

The city of Skellefteå is located in the north of Sweden, in the Lapland area.

It is a city that offers a perfect mix of city life, waterfront landscapes and wilderness. There is always something new to discover and endless activities to experience, no matter what type of interests you have.

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Green Flight Academy’s training center is situated in the university campus area, right in the middle of the city center with a high position overlooking the big river of Skellefteå which crosscuts the city. With two Universitys, a vocational university, science parks and corporate offices, the campus gathers an unprecedent blend of creative people; students, scientists and business professionals.
It is a campus boiling of knowledge and careerism where all its inhabitants have one common goal: a bright and successful future for themselves and the world.

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The dance of the northern lights

The dance of the northern lights is a spectacular sight that we frequently enjoy in Swedish Lapland.
During December, January, February and March, there is almost always snow in Skellefteå. There’s often up to a meter of snow or more on the skiing slopes of Lapland. The first snow falls at the end of November and melts during late March and April.
Imagine having a lot more summer. That you never are in a hurry and always have one more hour to play. The midnight light during the summer in Swedish Lapland basically gives daylight for a couple of months, giving you all the time you need to slow down and see the world.

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Skellefteå is undergoing a major expansion and the city is important center in Europe in terms of green conversions

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