Training facilities

Skellefteå University Campus & Skellefteå Airport

Skellefteå University Campus

In the middle of the city center

Green Flight Academy’s training center is situated in the university campus area, right in the middle of the city center, with a high position overlooking the big river of Skellefteå, which crosscuts the city. With two universities, a vocational university, science parks, and corporate offices, the campus gathers an unprecedented blend of creative people; students, scientists, and business professionals.

It is a campus boiling of knowledge and careerism where all its inhabitants have one common goal: a bright and successful future for themselves and the world.

Read more about Skellefteå Campus – www.campus.skelleftea.se/

Training facilities at Skellefteå Campus

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Skellefteå University Campus

1. Campushallen – sports facilities and gym        2. T2 College – manufacturing training center       3. Umeå University       4. Gaming industry education       5. Library and auditorium.      6. Café and restaurant       7. Skellefteå Science Park       8. Arctic game lab- business park            9. Stock- student union building and creative lab       10. Luleå Technological University      11. Green Flight Academy       12. RISE- research institutes of Sweden       13. VUX- adult education center       14. Business offices       15. Student housing       16. Activity park- volleyball and outdoor bbq       17. Campus park and outdoor rotunda       18. Boardwalk and restaurants       19. City center 200 meters

Skellefteå Airport

One of the first fossil-free airports

Green Flight Academy’s other training center is situated at Skellefteå Airport. Skellefteå Airport is one of Sweden, Europe’s and the World’s first fossil-free airports. On the site there is breifing/debreifing room and two hangars.

Read more about Skellefteå Airport – www.skellefteaairport.se/en

Training facilities Skellefteå Airport

1. Airport terminal    2. Green Flight Academy training center   3. Flight tower    4. Green Flight Academy hangars   5. Electrical charging station   6. Landing strip   7. Skellefteå 16 km   8. Swimming site, lake beach

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